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We can do better for District 1. As your next District 1 Commissioner, I will work tirelessly to get our misaligned priorities back on track. I’m Jonathan Owens, and I’d appreciate your vote.
Jonathan Owens

It's time to get our priorities straight.

We deserve better.

I was born and raised in Escambia County. It’s where I’ve chosen to raise my own family. I believe my family – and all families – deserve to live in a safe, sound, and sensible community.

For the last six years, I have worked tirelessly for the citizens of Escambia County as a full time Commission Aide. I know first hand that our budget is misaligned. Vital services are underfunded. Law enforcement, fire safety, and emergency services are not given the priority they deserve. Roads and bridges are deteriorating faster than they can be repaired.

Like you, I have been frustrated by irresponsible priorities. It's time to get those priorities straight.

We must do better for Escambia County. We can do better for District 1. As your next District 1 Commissioner, I will work just as tirelessly to get those priorities back on track.

I'm Jonathan Owens, and I'd appreciate your vote.

The Issues We Face

Jonathan's Priorities

Public Safety

Public Safety
The services we trust to protect us - law enforcement, fire safety, emergency medical responders - should be adequately paid, trained, and equipped to do the job.


Roads, bridges, sidewalks, and streetlights are only the tip of the crumbling iceberg. The budget must be responsibly managed to insure these vital expenses are covered.

Managed Growth

Managed Growth
District 1 is experiencing record growth and all the challenges that come with it. We must responsibly manage new growth without creating even bigger issues in the future.

We Deserve Better.

Jonathan believes we deserve:* Adequate fire protection, training, and equipment* Faith that an ambulance will show up when we call* To be safe in our homes and on our streets* A budget that puts the Needs before the Wants* To know exactly how our tax dollars are spent* Managed growth and real traffic solutions* A full time commissioner for our full time issues
How You Can Help
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The Jonathan Owens for District 1 Campaign is a true grassroots effort. Every dollar counts. No amount is too small when the mission is this large. The fact is that it takes money to get Jonathan’s message to the voters. Every donation brings us one step closer to the effective leadership that District 1 – and Escambia County – deserves.

Display a Sign

The easiest way to show your support is the good, old fashioned yard sign. Standard, metal stake signs, as well as commercial post signs, are available (requirements for commercial signs apply). Our Team will deliver signs to your door!

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Jonathan wants to know what you and your neighbors have to say about our District 1 and Escambia County. Get in touch to schedule time when Jonathan can introduce himself to friends and neighbors.

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Spread the Word

The best news travels word of mouth. The opinions and values of neighbors and friends have the biggest impact. Follow Jonathan on social media for the latest news and views on the issues in your neighborhood and encourage others to do the same.

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The Jonathan Owens for District 1 Campaign is a grassroots effort made possible by the contributions of involved citizens like you.
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Commission Duties

So what is the job, exactly?
The duties of county government are outlined by the Florida Statutes. If you've ever wondered exactly what those duties are, you can find them here.

Voter Resources
This is all the information you need to register to vote, find your precinct and voting location, and know what's happening in our county during the election cycle. Important dates, candidate information and more can be found here.

Local Government
The official site of Escambia County is the resource for departments, projects, events, and other useful information to understand your government.
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